Foyer Activations

Create a brand journey for customers from the time they walk through the cinema’s door. With an 18-minute average dwell time in the foyer, this is the perfect opportunity to create various touch points where consumers can engage with your brand.


Takeover the cinema space and put your brand front and center. People pay attention to their surroundings when in the cinema foyer. There are endless branding opportunities within the cinema environment to reinforce your brand message


Run a competition on our DOOH units in high footfall cinema foyer locations across Ireland. Opportunities to connect with consumers further and Increase the frequency of your brand message.


Give your brand the most receptive audience. The cinema is an ideal environment to showcase new products or services. Consumers are more likely to purchase after experiencing a brand.

Car in Foyer

Increase awareness of your brand by placing a car in the foyer. Available in Odeon Blanchardstown and Odeon Charlestown. Opportunities for further branding and a chance to interact with cinema goers in a creative way – A car must be set on a plinth, brand in front of the car with floor graphic.