According to Kantar media, Cinema is the #1 Advertising channel preference of consumers globally and Cinemagoers are 60% more likely than the average adult to be tempted to buy products they have seen advertised.

Irish people are great fans of the cinema!  We go more frequently than anyone else in the EU (source: UNIC) and in Ireland 78% of light TV viewers are cinemagoers.  This means it’s a perfect way to reach an audience that is hard to contact elsewhere. Cinemagoers also tend to be busy, active people who are more likely to be innovators and brand champions.

A recent study by MESH Research also found that by engaging with a brand’s messaging in cinema first, can boost a positive reception to it on other channels by up to 31%.

Scroll below to our downloadable summaries which provide a snapshot of individual audience groups’ behaviour when it comes to cinema going and movie preference.  Our client service team can provide additional information about these and other target audiences, just get in touch for more information.

The overall profile of Ireland’s cinema audience compares to the national population like this: