Why Use Cinema?

With all eyes on the Big Screen while sitting in a darkened room, at the cinema people are in a positive frame of mind, waiting to be entertained and open to hearing your message

Cinema advertising gives companies the opportunity to reach their target audience through the biggest screen possible, with no distractions.  Even phones are turned off.

In fact, audience attention to advertising is greater at the Cinema than for any other advertising medium. (source: 1)

Elsewhere people are able to skip the ads but at the cinema there is 100% visibility of an ad, 100% viewability and 100% completion rates.

According to World Advertising Research Centre (WARC), Cinema has the lowest rate of advertising avoidance and 94% choose to watch the adverts before the film begins. (source: 2)

In addition, Cinema advertising tends to be 8 times more impactful than on TV, and more memorable than with any other media. (source: 3)

And when it comes to our love of movies in Ireland, people go to the cinema more frequently in Ireland than anywhere else in the EU! (source: 4)

To put that in context, annual cinema admissions in the Republic of Ireland are the equivalent of filling Croke Park 15 times every month.


Reference Sources:  1-Amplified Intelligence Attention PLAN; 2- FAME; 3- CAA/RedBlue; 4- UNIC

Cinema is an extraordinary channel for brands to communicate with audiences. It is also an exceptionally flexible one that can facilitate short lead times.

Not only is this the place where great stories are told with impact, but also where they are experienced with all the senses.

In an immersive environment, the cinema audience is ready to suspend reality and step into the story.

Seeing, hearing and feeling the experience, logging it in their memory to be recalled in the future.

Customers’ attention can be hard to capture these days, but cinema advertising provides 100% visibility to those in the auditorium.

Seated, open-minded and ready to give their full attention to the big screen, the cinema audience is waiting to be entertained.

No other medium gives brands guaranteed audience numbers with a 100% ad completion rate.