Pearl & Dean offer a complete production service, from approvals through to exhibition

We require master materials one week prior to guarantee exhibition, however tighter deadlines are frequently presented and adhered to. Once materials are delivered our production team can project manage the whole process on your behalf and deliver your campaign on time and on budget.

Pictured: Bohemian Rhapsody

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    Copy Clearance

    All commercial advertising requires final clearance from the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA). Please refer to our technical specification to see if BBFC clearance is also required for your campaign
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    File Upload

    Via our Unique Digital Upload Portal
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    Our dedicated mastering team will transfer your commercial to Digital Cinema Package format
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    We offer the opportunity to view your commercial prior to it going on the big screen
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    We deliver the advert directly to the cinema, with a team on hand offering full support to ensure your commercial is shown exactly as it should be

    Cinema Production

    Picture Format

    • Formats: DPX / TIFF
    • Aspect Ratio: 1998 x 1080
    • Title Safety: 1798 x 972
    • Frame Rates: 24fps (Best) / 25fps (Acceptable)
    • Type: Progressive (Not interlaced)

    Picture should always be supplied as progressive not interlaced

    No clocks


    Download our spec sheet

    Audio channel configuration

    • 1: Left Front
    • 2: Right Front WAV files
    • 3: Centre
    • 4: LFE/Sub
    • 5: Left Surround
    • 6: Right Surround

    Accepted Formats

    • 5.1 mix!
    • 6 x mono WAV files

    The WAV files need to be 48Hz & 24bit
    Reference level is -20dBFS
    WAV files should be the exact length of the 24fps Picture
    It is imperative that the Audio will match/sync with the picture at 24fps – No clocks & no sync plop

    Clearance Costs

    • CAA (ROI): €150
    • CAA (NI): £180 (inc VAT)

    Cinema clearance from the Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) is required in order to show a commercial in ROI & NI cinemas.
    For ROI approval a fee of €150 applies, for NI approval a fee of stg £180 (inc VAT) applies. Once approved you will receive a letter with their decision.
    For Northern Ireland, clearance is also required from the BritishBoard of Film Classification (BBFC), but only for public sector information/ awareness and charity ads.
    For NI public sector information/awareness and charity ads the BBFC will give either a “U”, “PG”, “12A”, “15”, “18” or “18R” certificate. The BBFC certificate will be scanned onto the commercial by Pearl & Dean when the ad is transferred to cinema format
    Link to form here:

    Clients are encouraged to submit ads to the CAA as soon as possible, to ensure approval within the deadline
    communicated to you by Pearl & Dean.

    Copy Panel Executive
    Cinema Advertising Association
    Corinthian House
    279 Tottenham Court Road
    London W1T 7RJ
    T: +44(0)20 7199 2433

    Alcohol adverts need to be cleared by the CCCI. Please see the link below for further information.

    Please deliver the materials via the Unique Digital upload portal

    user: upload
    pass: GTvqM02A

    Please ensure to fill out the form, failure to do so will cause production delays.