Buying Routes

We offer an extensive range of packages or buying routes that can be tailored to suit any audience, location or budget.

The flexibility made possible by cinema advertising goes far beyond what is available by any other medium.

In addition cinema advertising is the only medium that delivers guaranteed and verified audience numbers.

There are a range of buying routes to reach a specific audience target.  Scroll below to see what is on offer:

Film Focus

A Film Pack allows you to select specific films that profile highly against a brand’s target audience, ensuring close and effective association with a highly anticipated upcoming release.

  • Close targeting by movie
  • 6 week package
  • cost and admissions vary

Maximising Your Coverage

This buying route offers maximum coverage and is the most cost-effective way to reach cinemagoers. Your brand will access films from all genres, reaching every demographic at the box office within any campaign window.

  • Guaranteed Admissions Package
  • Complete cinema audience,
  • The most cost-effective package
  • An agreed guaranteed admissions figure per week

Families & Main-Shoppers

Family films dominate the box office each year, and this buying route offers access to all family releases within your campaign window. This package allows brands to reach the whole family in a captive and engaging environment. Admissions are particularly high during the summer, and other school holidays.

  • Family Package
    • Exhibition with all family movies on release
    • Unique mutual viewing experience
    • An agreed, guaranteed admissions figure per week,
  • Main Shopper Package
    • Combination of Female & Family Movies to deliver Female Main Shopper Audience
    • An agreed, guaranteed admissions figure per week

Targeting by Gender

This gender specific buying route gives you access to films that profile highly against either male or female cinema goers.

  • Selection of movies skewing towards male/female audiences
  • An agreed figure guaranteed admissions per week

Targeting by Age

Using comparable film profiles and historic audience data, we determine a film’s anticipated demographic to help brands create age specific campaigns.

HFSS or Alcohol Considerations

We can promote brands with alcohol or HFSS restricted ads through demographic targeting of specific films meeting both the criteria for the appropriate restrictions as well as your target audience.

Line x Line Options

You can be as selective as you like with this buying route – choosing the exact sites you need to target the audience you wish to reach in the comfort of their local cinema.

  • Cherry picking by cinema for local geo-targeting,
  • Costs dependent on site

The Awards Season

Reach a highly ABC1 audience in this pack targeted at the films we predict will be Award winners.

  • Runs Oct-Mar during Oscars, Golden Globes, BAFTAs etc.
  • Targeting a discerning ABC1 25+ audience in the most acclaimed movies of the year
  • 6 weeks package